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Coaching Business Certification

Run a Successful Coaching Business

Are struggling or wanting to make your independent coaching BUSINESS more successful? Our 2-Day program is designed to give your business a booster shot. Other courses teach you how to coach. This course teaches how to make money doing so! We go deep into operations and sales in ways that are specific to this business.

How To Qualify?

Coaching is becoming one of the fastest growing service businesses in Canada. There are many coaches and consultants who have received certifications from other organizations. If you are one, you qualify for this training program.

What Do You Receive?

Successful completion of the course will earn you the designation as Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC). Your CPBC certification makes you eligible to join the PBCA Canada as a member-coach if you choose to take advantage of that. As a PBCA member, you will also receive a One-Year of  “Jumpstart Calls” to help you grow your practice and provide continued development in your coaching skills!

Training Schedule

This 2-Day Booster Event will also be scheduled across Canada, at times and locations most convenient to adjust to the cohorts that express added demand.

Day 1: Designing your Coach/Consulting Business Model

  • Client Pre-Qualification

  • Client On-Boarding

  • Alternative Coaching Programs

  • Tools, Applications and Follow-Up Actions

  • Selling and Delivering Upon Coaching Ethics

  • Capturing Multiple Revenue Models and Modalities

  • Onboarding the Client

  • Group Coaching, Master Mind Clubs and Multiple Services per Client for More $

Day 2: Marketing and Selling your Coaching Services

  • Specialization- Where Do You Fit?

  • Naming and Branding Yourself

  • Putting together Your Marketing Plan – Ideal Clients – Identification

  • Knowing all your Marketing Options and Strategies

  • Strategy Session Facilitation Techniques

  • Other Tips to Grow Your Business Coach Business

  • Your 90-Day Kick Start and Plan

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