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Become a Certified Professional Business Coach


If you have been an experienced business owner, consultant, business account or industry executive, PBCA Canada is for you! We offer an accelerated yet potent program to introduce you to the added profession of Business Coaching. Our extensive training “Bootcamp” is jam-packed with all the information and tools you will need to be a professional business coach. After our 40 hours training you will be provided with the right background and experience to become a Certified Professional Business Coach.

Throughout the training you will experience role play, group discussions and simulations with experienced professionals to support learning objectives. Our training format includes added video and other multi-media educational resources.

What's Included?

The Certification and Training Bootcamp provides you with training, resources and tools, and ongoing support. 


It includes 40 hours of training and workshops, and all trainees will receive an extensive Training Binder and resources to propel you to rapid success.

Successful completion of the course will earn you the designation as Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC). Your CPBC certification makes you eligible to join the PBCA Canada as a member-coach.


As a PBCA member, you will also receive “Jumpstart Calls” to help you grow your practice and provide continued development in your coaching skills as well as access to a huge library of business support tools, resources, and frameworks for both yourself and your coaching clients!

Training Schedule

We will deliver the Certification Program online every 2 months. Contact us to register for one of our upcoming dates.


Candidates must have a minimum of 10 years experience as a business owner, executive, and/or other leadership role combined with education. 

If you have further question, feel free to reach out to us!

40 Hour, 5-Day Bootcamp Agenda (now condensed into 4 days)

Day 1: The art of Science and Effective Coaching

  • What is Business Coaching?

  • How is Coaching a Profession?

  • Two Parts of Every Coaching Conversation

  • Coaching Systems and Meeting Rhythms

  • Role Plays and Continuous Practice

Day 2: Business Coaching Skills

  • DISC Behavioural Assessments To Assist Personal Effectiveness (Free License to Use DISC!)

  • Added Tools and Assessments (For Client, and Coach)

  • Details of Coaching for Business and Leadership Effectiveness

  • Strategic Planning

  • Exit and Succession Planning

  • Sales and Marketing

Day 3: Coaching Business and Leadership Effectiveness

  • Coaching Skills Review

  • Coaching Business and Leadership Skills Effectiveness Continued

  • Customer Service Systems

  • Human Resources

  • Systems

  • Financial Management

  • Introducing the Dale Botting Model for Executive Leadership Development

Day 4: Designing your Coach Business Model 

  • Client Pre-Qualification

  • Client On-Boarding

  • Alternative Coaching Programs

  • Tools, Applications and Follow-Up Actions

  • Coaching Ethics

  • Multiple Revenue Models and Modalities

  • Onboarding the Client

  • Group Coaching, Master Mind Clubs and Multiple Services/Client

Day 5: Marketing and Selling your Coaching Services

  • NOTE: A portion of day 5 is now added to the end of each of the previous 4 days

  • Specialization- Where Do You Fit?

  • Naming and Branding Yourself

  • Marketing Plan- Ideal Clients- Identification

  • Marketing Strategies- KLT

  • Strategy Session Facilitation Techniques

  • Websites, Business Cards, and Other

  • Your 90-Day Plan

Bonus Benefits for Members

  • Additional peer-to-peer mentoring sessions

  • Added Canadian Coach Networking Calls (monthly) on a variety of ongoing professional development topics

  • Access to our exclusive digital library (password protected), with over a thousand free coaching tools, diagnostic assessments, hand-outs and slide decks to show future clients, plus numerous other articles and resource materials

  • Discounted access to other professionally licensed coaching tools and diagnostics

  • Invitations to the annual PBCA Canada June Coaches Conference – rotated across the country each year in various regions and attractive locations

  • Added networking and access to a North American Members’ Forum as a shared site for digital sharing and member-to-member information; and

  • Added networking and access to the annual North American PBCA Coaches Conferences – October in Las Vegas (for Master Coaches) and February in either Phoenix or Orlando (for all coaches in both USA and Canada).

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