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PBCA Canada History 

Back in 2004, John Deagan was an independent business coach from Canton, Ohio who was looking for an association of business coaches who were sharing best practices, coaching tools, programs, support, and friendships. John couldn’t find such an organization, so after receiving encouragement from his friends and family, John created the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA) which began operations in 2005. When John created the PBCA, his vision was to “someday have 30 coaches helping each other.” At that time, John was a highly successful business coach, and he hadn’t intended for the PBCA to become his full-time job.

But early on, the PBCA had some incredible member-coaches who were very active in helping each other, and John’s vision changed to “making the PBCA North America’s premier alliance of independent business coaches.”

With the help of a talented team of colleagues, John created the “PBCA Business Coach Certification Program” to help experienced business people become professional business coaches and launch their own business coaching practices. The PBCA has grown to more than 100 professional business coaches from across North America who are sharing a large library of coaching tools including business assessments, client onboarding tools, seminar material, group coaching programs, and tools to use in all areas of business effectiveness.

In 2012, John Deagan passed the baton of PBCA President to Jon Denney, a business coach from Syracuse, New York who Deagan had trained years earlier. In the past few years, the PBCA has:

  1. Added hundreds of powerful tools and coaching programs into the PBCA library for members to customize, private-label, and use as their own.

  2. Created the Master Coach Academy of continued learning in all areas of business effectiveness, personal effectiveness, and advanced business coaching skills.

  3. Created the PBCA Accelerator Program, for business owners and consultants who have an established enterprise that is already serving other clients, but who want to become better skilled in the craft of business coaching and better connected with like-minded Canadians from coast to coast.


(Dale Botting, Past PBCA Canada President and CEO)

On April 1, 2016 the PBCA North American Alliance was divested in Canada to PBCA member, Dale Botting. Dale built his career as a “serial CEO” in both Ontario and Western Canada, and in 2016 he was also named as PBCA Coach of the Year in all of Western North America.

Dale is also one of the founding executives of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (which is comprised of over 110,000 small-business owners from coast to coast!)  You cannot get more “Canadian” than this guy!  Dale is currently serving as separate President and CEO of PBCA CANADA.

While following many of the same great traditions and training systems as PBCA North America, the new Canadian group is now adding several new programs and added certifications in Leadership Coaching and Family Business Advising.

As the premier alliance of independent business coaches in North America, the PBCA is committed to continuous professional development for our members.

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