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PBCA Qualifications

Certification #1: CPBC – Certified Professional Business Coach: 5 Day Training Course Requirement


To Qualify Candidates must have:

  • 10 years of business ownership

    • Or 10 years Senior Management Experience in a corporate role

    • An existing coach without business experience, or have less than 5 years coaching without business experience

  •  Post-secondary or equivalent certifications

  •  Willing to abide by and agree to the PBCA values and code of ethics


Certification #2: CPBC – Certified Professional Business Coach designation without PBCA Training requirement.


Note: No PBCA Canada training required to receive this if all above conditions are met however candidates Must complete a PBCA Orientation session that outlines VMV, Code of Ethics, shows library, demonstrates culture of sharing, explains what happens if you quit (delete materials), and outlines differences between coaching and business coaching.


To Qualify Candidates must:

  • Be Experienced Coaches with a Business Background and/or extensive coaching experience

  • For People with Coaching Experience, and new to PBCA Canada

    •  Minimum 3 years Business Ownership Experience or Senior Management experience equivalency

    •  Coaching and Business Experience combined = 10 years total or more

    • Have Coaching Designation from:

      • ICF

      • Royal Roads

      • MBA from any University

      • Focal Point Training

      • Action Coach Training

      • EOS Coach Training

      • Or other equivalent coaching organization

Certification #3: BCA – Business Coach Associate


In order for the APBC to become a CPBC (Certified Professional Business Coach), his coach needs to take the accelerated training at a minimum.

  • Will Qualify for the APBC – Associate Professional Business Coach

  • This is for less experienced coaches wishing to join PBCA Canada with no business background

  •  5 years+ Coaching experience and with any certification from one of the coaching designations identified in certification #2 above or other recognized certification

  •  Can demonstrate combined total experience of 10 years

    • With minimum 3 years business ownership experience

    • With minimum 5 years corporate senior leadership role as an executive

    • With minimum 5 years coaching experience


*Any experienced coach will have the option to take an accelerated 2 day PBCA Training program:

  • Completion of this accelerated program will provide full CPBC certification from PBCA Canada

  • This is optional and the individual can use CPBC title without this training if all other above criteria (Certification #2) are met


** All certifications have to attend orientation and sign off on Ethics, Values, and our Culture to openly share

  • Anyone ending their PBCA Canada membership must delete any downloaded tools and materials from our library

  • Associate Coach – does not have access to library, but does have access to calls and conferences

PBCA Ongoing Membership Requirements:

  • Each Coach needs min 20 hours of Professional Development training per year PBCA Conferences and monthly development calls count

  • Coaches will abide by PBCA Values and Code of Ethics

  • Coaches agree to the culture of sharing by agreeing to contribute at least one tool or equivalent to the library per year

  • Coaches will ensure annual Payment of dues on time

  • If a Coach choses to leave the PBCA, they agree to delete all PBCA tools and materials from their own toolbox


Proposed Fee Structure:

  • Contact us for more information and current pricing for each option above.

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