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What our coaches have to say

Cindy Piva, Certified Professional Business Coach

When i discovered PBCA not only did I find prerequisites I was looking for, I received even more. I have been able to run my business coaching practice the way I want and maintain the lifestyle I envisioned. I not only get access to important tools and white papers, but also get amazing support from the PBCA and the coaches within the PBCA. I never though it possible to work independently AND have support at the same time, but the PBCA allows us to have both.

Jim Fitzgerald, Certified Professional Business Coach

Having done extensive research on Business Coaching over a period of 2 months – PBCA was the most logical and value-driven decision I could make. PBCA brings together senior business people willing to share their Business Coaching expertise and tools, as well as their extensive business experience. The result is a quality alliance dedicated to delivering high value solutions to PBCA member clients. In total – it’s a differentiated edge that clients recognize quickly…and value.

David Fuller, Certified Professional Business Coach

I learned more from the PBCA bootcamp (Certification Course) about how to help business owners than I did in my whole MBA program. I couldn’t believe that the fundamentals worked so well that literally the first person I talked to when I got off the plane from Syracuse has become my first client and that pretty much will pay for the course. I look forward to putting the coaching techniques to work to make a difference in my community for years to come!

Verne Milot, Certified Professional Business Coach

The entire PBCA team is truly there for you when you need them most of all. I cannot imagine entering the business coaching profession without access to the training, group support and coaching tools provided by the PBCA. In addition, the ongoing development in terms of services and available resources as continue to expand exponentially over the past year. What a powerful team to be a part of, all the while advancing our respective careers.

Jan van der Woerd, Certified Professional Business Coach

Jon is a man with a huge heart for helping other people. He lives an exemplary life of helping others. He is a very experienced business coach and an equally good trainer of coaches. I found his coaching to be practical, helpful, focused and geared to the needs of his students. I feel privileged to be a part of the same organization as Jon.

Elio Cozzi, Certified Professional Business Coach

The business coaching certification course exceeded my expectations overall! I can say that the course content, pace of the learning sessions along with frequent reinforcement of the key messages was perfect. Learning was also reinforced through numerous role-playing opportunities during the week. Jon was open and honest with his feedback on my progress during the week and he highlighted different approaches that PBCA coaches have successfully utilized, not just his own approach. The week was very enjoyable overall, with a balance of intensive course work, group lunches, a great wrap up group dinner on the final night, and a wonderful hotel which allowed us to experience the charming historical downtown area of Syracuse. But above all I feel that when we left on the final day not only did we achieve our objectives to receive our business coaching certification but we also developed a sincere friendship with Jon that will be enduring.

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