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About PBCA Canada

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Empowering Business Coaches Across Canada

The Professional Business Coaches Association of Canada (PBCA Canada) is a premier organization dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of business coaches nationwide. Founded on the principles of collaboration, ethical values, continuous improvement, and empowerment, PBCA Canada stands as a beacon of excellence in the business coaching profession.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to foster a vibrant community of independent business coaches, offering a platform for professional development, networking, and growth. We aim to elevate the coaching profession to new heights by providing comprehensive training, support, and resources to our members.

Core Values

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Collaboration and Community

We champion a supportive ecosystem, highlighted by our member-driven initiatives, resource sharing, and mentoring programs.

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Ethical Values

Our commitment to integrity is unwavering, with a stringent code of ethics aligning with the highest industry standards.

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Qualified Excellence

Recognizing the importance of expertise, we ensure our coaches are not just experienced but also have access to continuous learning opportunities.

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Continuous Improvement

Our dedication to ongoing development is reflected in our diverse offerings, from jumpstart calls to annual conferences.

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We empower our members to thrive independently, fostering a culture of autonomy and personalized coaching services.

Unique Offering

PBCA Canada specializes in transforming experienced professionals into esteemed business coaches. Our programs are tailored for those who seek not just certification, but a comprehensive understanding and practical application of business coaching principles.

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Picture of PBCA Board member


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Norm Adams

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Exec Director

Tyrel Wilgosh

Board of Directors

At the helm of PBCA Canada's strategic direction and operational excellence is our esteemed Board of Directors. Comprising a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 directors, each elected from among our members, the Board embodies our core values and mission. These dedicated individuals bring a wealth of experience, leadership, and passion for business coaching, ensuring PBCA Canada adheres to the highest standards of governance and ethical practice. Our Board plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of business coaching in Canada, fostering a community that thrives on mutual support, professional development, and excellence.

Community Impact

As a not-for-profit organization (Non-Profit Number: [Placeholder]), our focus is purely on the enhancement and benefit of our members and their clients. Every decision and initiative is aimed at furthering the quality and impact of business coaching across Canada.


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Resources and Tools


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Join Us

Whether you are transitioning into business coaching or looking to enhance your existing skills, PBCA Canada offers a path to certification, community, and career advancement. Be part of a nationally recognized standard in business coaching.

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