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Great Things Happen When Business Coaches Get Together!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

"No PBCA conference is of any value unless the coaches walk away with tools that they can use to support their clients and create value for their own practice."

The Canadian PBCA held its annual conference online again this year on June 18th. While we had coaches from across Canada sharing their best practices and ideas, perhaps the take away from the conference was that when we work together, we are stronger. Jim Petersen started off the conference with a hearty welcome and update from PBCA USA and then things really got rolling!

Master Coach, Cindy Piva, fired up the crowd with her tips on using Marketing plans as an engagement tool. Not only did Cindy share her wealth of knowledge but her passion for marketing inspired everyone present. Cindy gave great examples of how and when to use marketing plans to support clients and grow your practice.

Tony Malyk, author of the book “Leaky Bucket of Profits,” and long time PBCA member, shared his tool for “Helping Clients Improve Cashflow and Profits.” Tony’s knowledge and financial acuity gave everyone present some confidence that they can support clients better through an improved understanding of finances.

Risk is something that every organization deals with and PBCA coach, Elio Cozzi, discussed how we can evaluate risk with our clients and provided a model to engage clients with. Elio spent 50 minutes with the coaches discussing the various risks that clients need to be aware of and how we as coaches can help support them in reducing those risks.

The Traction EOS model has elements that many coaches are using in their practice. Verne Milot, a PBCA member from the centre of the universe (Toronto Region), discussed how he uses aspects of Traction with his business and how it has increased the value of his engagements. Verne shared his successes from 20 years of business coaching and what he does to develop and maintain long term clients and how he continues to add value for them.

If you have been coaching for long you recognize that many of your leaders have teams that are dysfunctional. Kerry Brown is not only one of the original PBCA coaches but is a trained facilitator for Wiley. Kerry facilitated a lively discussion on overcoming dysfunction within teams and what we can do as coaches to support team development.

No PBCA conference is of any value unless the coaches walk away with tools that they can use to support their clients and create value for their own practice. When coaches gather together as they did via zoom on June 18th, 2021, they are able to share best practices, ideas for selling those ideas, and have conversations about how we can work together for the benefit of the whole group of PBCA members.

If you missed the Canadian conference this year, we hope you will join us for an even bigger and better event next June. Special thanks go out to Anna Harrison and Cody Nielsen who put the event together!


Dave Fuller, is the President of PBCA Canada. Email any questions you have to

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