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Why I Chose To Join The PBCA

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

"What intrigued me about the PBCA was its specific focus on BUSINESS. They wanted to use the science and fundamentals of coaching and couple it with business experience and tools to help BUSINESS OWNERS succeed! I could tell it was not fluffy. I could tell they had a mission to get tangible results for their clients."

It was spring in 2011, and I was looking for work between semesters during my university degree. Having worked in the landscaping industry for many years prior, my wife had the idea that instead of looking for a job, we should start our own lawn-care company.

To be honest, I said: "No. That's a lot of work and I don't think I want to do that right now."

But she convinced me, somehow. And not yet realizing how focused I can be on something I want to be successful at (we were not yet married a full year), I got to work.

Within a 2-3 years (my wife now somewhat regretting the idea) I was too busy trying to manage both school and our growing business. It had blossomed from a small lawn-care company cutting a few lawns a week, to having a full time lawn-care crew maintaining both residential and commercial properties, a construction landscape crew, a pesticide truck, and several plow trucks for our snow contracts in the winter. It was clear that something had to give because at this time we were also expecting our second child!

Not having experience in business prior to starting my own, I wasn't aware of the many resources, tools, people, and strategies that were available for entrepreneurs and leaders.

So, I white knuckled it. For too long. Alone.

I was doing what everyone said: "Hustle! Grind! Work hard!" And I did plenty of that, as so many business owners do. And for several years was very successful. But I wasn't working strategically. I wasn't working as smart as I could and should have been. And I was feeling burned out. I was leaving money and freedom on the table as a result, and I knew it.

The struggle for business owners is real. It's hard to articulate that struggle to others if they've not been in a similar position. Business owners and entrepreneurs face the challenge of wearing about 1,000 hats to keep a business functioning, let alone get it to grow. If only I knew that there were resources to help, resources such as business coaches.

Fast forward and I eventually did complete my university degree in business management. And although at this point I was no longer operating my landscape company, I still wanted to use the experience I had gained in my future career. It was priceless experience. No school can "teach" you what real world experience can. So, when looking ahead at what I wanted to use my experience in business and my degree for, one area I began to research was the consulting and coaching industry. This eventually led me to the Professional Business Coaches Association website.

Reading what business coaches do hit home for me. When I realized I could be right there with business owners, helping them take control of their business and grow, and hopefully help them get over barriers or avoid certain struggles (such as I went through), it energized me.

I continued to read a lot about what coaches do and how to become one. There are many types of coaches, and many ways to get certified. I've been on the good end of mentors and psychologists. I understand the role and value of a life coach, as well as coaches in sport. They are extremely helpful. But what intrigued me about the PBCA was its specific focus on BUSINESS. They wanted to use the science and fundamentals of coaching and couple it with business experience and tools to help BUSINESS OWNERS succeed! I could tell it was not fluffy. I could tell they had a mission to get tangible results for their clients. And I saw myself several years earlier wishing I had known that such a resource was available.

I made the call and registered for my training to become a Certified Professional Business Coach through the PBCA.

I've never looked back on my decision. And I am especially grateful I chose to do so through the PBCA, who has world class training, continuing education, coaches, tools and resources (for you and your clients), and a no-gimmick and no non-sense approach to business. They really do want business owners to succeed, and do so using tried and tested methods that work.

Another reason I was so interested in the PBCA was the fact I would still get to run my own independent business. It wasn't a franchise or licensing model. I would get access to all the tools and resrouces I needed, get the continuous education and community of the association, but still get to put my fingerprint on my own business. It was a no-brainer.

For the readers who like bullet points, here are some of the many reasons I joined the PBCA:

  • A focus on business coaching, not just coaching.

  • No "secret sauce" to success as a coach or for your clients. They use effective and time tested approaches while keeping up with new and improving methodologies.

  • They only certify those with extensive business and leadership experience, while many other coaching certifications are happy to "certify" anyone willing to pay regardless of having no business experience.

  • Access to a huge library of tools.

  • World-class certification training and continuing education.

  • A community of like-minded, collaborative, and involved coaches.

  • The freedom to operate my own, independent business.

  • And finally, the joy to work with business owners and help them achieve their goals and dreams.

It really is a dream come true that I get to do this work. I now help those who were in my position several years ago take more control of their business, make more money, gain more freedom in life, and even have more time with their family. Working with business owners is fulfilling and inspiring!

If you have experience as a business owner, executive, and/or leader, and have wanted to work with business owners as a coach or consultant, I highly recommend you consider the PBCA. Call and have a conversation with one of us about our experience and how it can make an impact in your life. It's a fulfilling and profitable career and we are always looking to grow our membership with other experienced and inspiring people like yourself.


Cody is a Certified Professional Business Coach and the owner of NIELSEN Business Coaching & Development Ltd. in Alberta. He currently works with small-medium size business owners to help take control and enjoy their business using 1-on-1 coaching, as well as workshops and trainings on topics including strategic planning, healthy and cohesive teams, business systems, leadership, personal effectiveness, and more.


Connect with him on:


Are you thinking of becoming a business coach? Do you want to be part of a larger community of highly experienced and trained professional business coaches? If you want more info on becoming a PBCA Certified Professional Business Coach, contact us here and get started!


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