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I was certified with the PBCA in January of 2020. My experience as a business owner and leader is starting a construction landscape company. We specialized in patios, fences, irrigation, decks, sod, commercial snow removal, lawn maintenance, pesticide, fertilizer, and more. I had 7 staff. It felt like I was running 3-4 businesses since pesticide/fertilizer, lawn care, construction, and snow removal really have nothing in common (equipment, training, skills, budget, etc.)!

I have also served in several leadership roles in my church for many years. This has helped me develop my passion and learning of leadership, personal effectiveness, emotional intelligence, etc., and how these are the foundation of anyone's success in their business and life. I've learned that working with people is among the hardest but is the most effective source/catalyst of growth.

My Ideal Client: Businesses with 5+ staff and sales between $500k-$10MM.

Areas of Most Competence: Leadership, personal effectiveness, Extended DISC, conflict and communication, HR, strategic planning and execution, workshops, public speaking.

From my website:

Cody's passion and mission is to help grow and unlock the potential in every leader and entrepreneur, and that by doing so they can make business a less stressful, more profitable, and truly rewarding journey!

Over the last 15 years, Cody’s passion for business and leadership has grown from starting his own businesses, being at the forefront of other start-ups, as well as leading and serving in his church. Cody's mission is to help grow and unlock the potential in every leader and entrepreneur, and that by doing so they will make business a less stressful, more profitable, and truly rewarding journey!

Cody built his first company while he was completing his university degree, which became successful enough to put his education on hold. He has since been back to complete his degree in Business Management from the Dhillon School of Business, at the University of Lethbridge, as well as been certified through the PBCA to become a Certified Professional Business Coach. Cody’s many years of leadership in his church involves teaching and helping lead hundreds of people as well as developing and training other leaders to serve more effectively in their respective organizations.

Cody uses his experience and knowledge from the real world as well as his professional education and training to aid his clients in achieving their goals and becoming truly successful! He is also a Certified Extended DISC facilitator allowing him to provide this powerful leadership and behavioural tool as a supplement to his coaching and other business resources.

With a love for teaching and public speaking, Cody also loves to present on a variety of business and leadership topics. Cody has learned that every business owner will drastically increase their level of success by developing in as many of the following areas as possible: one’s own leadership abilities, effective personal habits and discipline, healthy company culture, strong financial management practices, creating and executing a strategic plan, effective business systems, and working to serve your clients to the highest standards.

Cody understands first-hand the amount of work and sacrifice it takes to start and operate a business, all while raising a family, serving in church leadership positions, and attending school. He’s had to be intentional with his priorities and time to ensure success and maintain a healthy and balanced life at home and at work. He hopes to help others find this success and balance too, wherever they are in the world!

"Entrepreneurship is among the most fulfilling yet challenging endeavours one can take. I've learned success comes NOT from going at it alone, but from having good people and resources around you."

Cody Nielsen

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